Mystic Stone Kremna

Apart from Kremna prophecy, a special phenomenon of Kremna village is a stone ball, of 1 meter diameter, which has a perfect circular shape. It is special as such balls are located at different parts of our planet, on almost all the continents. Many world scientists from different scientific fields have studies these balls , they gave assumptions about their origin and generation, but they all said they did not know the answers to the following questions : how were the balls formed, from where did they come and what do they mean?

It is really strange that in today’s age of going into space and knowing the tiniest components of substance, the science cannot give answers to many questions about normal, stone balls.

The ball was found in Kremna in its eastern part – a flat highland. It was examined through a magnifying glass, its small piece and it was stated that it consists of simple sand stone. One part of it was sent to the Serbian Academy of Science and Art for analyzing. Its scientists also confirmed that it was made of sandstone. That ball fell into pieces during the fire in the Prophet’s Home in 2005. Similar balls are located at Mt Jagostica near Priboj spa and at Mt Povlen, although of an irregular shape.

Stone balls of a regular, circular form were found in Mexico, Costarica, USA, Australia, Nepal, Kazahstan, even in Franc Joses’ land. The balls were also found on Crete and Caracaz(Georgia) in 1970.

Their size varies, starting from an orange size up to a ball which weighs ab.16 tons. Usually, their diameter is 1 meter and they are all perfectly circular and round. It was announced that after a mysterious flight of a space object over a Russian taiga territory on January 17, 2003, very small balls of non-earthly origin were discovered in the town of Dalnegotsk. Its is still not known if it was a meteorite or pieces of a UFO.

In the opinions of some scientists, these balls are 4000 years old, the others think 100,000 to 500,000 years.

The balls are usually located at flat earth surfaces, mainly highlands, but they are also found along rivers. They are arranged in the form of triangles, squares,circles and other regular shapes and it seems they are oriented towards east, west, south, north. Such groups are spread on tens of kilometers. Who placed them so, when and why?

Thousands of these balls were found along rivers or in the old cemetery in the valley of the Rio Tarabe river in the south west part of Costarica and on the island of Cano, 9 miles from the Pacific coast. Some of them are 50 miles away from the nearest stone excavation sites, if they originate from there? Even today, visitors to Costarica may see these balls at the national museum and in front of the houses of wealthier Costarican people.

Anatoly Garsits reports that the workers who were clearing a tropical jungle for making banana plantations in Central American republic of Costarica, found giant stone sculptures of circular shapes. The biggest of them weighed 16 tons. The smallest balls were not bigger than 10 cm in diameter.They all had a perfect round shape and were arranged in groups of 3 to 5 balls.

One such ball was found in 1970. in Guadalhara and was sent to the American University of New York state where it was cut and analyzed carefully. There were no traces of human material culture in them. Scientists, fully confident, stated that these balls were not made by humans, and the internal structure of the balls is very complex. There were found particles of a metal whose features have not been clarified yet.

From the point of geography, the balls were not formed by activities of natural, geomorphologic forces. Namely,the pieces of stones were not taken apart and carried by rivers, chipped and rounded as it is done with smaller pieces of rocks which are transformed in time into rounded pieces. And these rounded stones are usually of smaller sizes, smooth, but flattened in shape. In the river beds there has never been found a rounded stone of perfect circular form and diameter of 1m, nor that it weighs 16 tons! Not even in the past, with extremely high pluvimetric regimes, there were no such big rivers that could roll such big blocks and round them and give them a perfect circular shape. With a lot of competence we can claim that such big stone balls of fine, circular shape could not be made by the activities of natural, geo morphologic forces.

Some geologists say that the balls were created as a consequence of volcanoes in Central America, 25 to 40 million years ago. Lava and ash of the big volcanoes covered enormous territories. Glassy particles were expelled from the volcanoes and started to make circular objects later transformed into balls. But how is it possible to explain the formation of stone balls that are away thousands of kilometers from the volcanoes and even on other continents? And how is it possible that from chaotic volcano lava stone balls of regular circular form can be created? It is obvious that is a mere fantasy without objective scientific criteria and evidences.

A main assistant researcher in the Central Geologic Institute for research of rare metals, Ms Jelena Matvejeva says that the balls appeared on the Earth surface as the result of exfoliation i.e. pherroidal scaling of rocks. Really, it is not rare cases that the rounded rocks were formed by scaling of rocky layers, mainly of sand origin. But these forms are never of regular sphere- shape and diameter. There are clearly seen layers which are scaled and these balls are never balls of perfect rounded shape and with perfectly smooth surface.

The balls initiate human curiosity by their simple appearance, but inexplicably. And today’s man, searching spectacularly for the unknown, cannot calm down and feel incapable of explaining the formation and purpose of these balls. So, one is compelled to call for fantasy in this case. And fantasy is capable of explaining anything as it has no obstacles.

So, there was a belief spread out that the balls are the toys of gods or giants. It was believed that there were men of giant power capable of moving and carrying such balls. Really, in the Greek mythology there is one-eyed giant named Poliphem. Maybe, his successors are the Yettis on the Himalayas.But there are no evidences that such creatures existed nor had tools for making these balls.

The predecessors of the Indians, Inks and Mayas lived in 15th century. It is hard to believe that they could make so many balls without special tools, although the culture of these nations was rather developed. Is it possible that some other civilization, not known to the world of science, lived on the territory of Costarica? And who made the balls on other continents?

Intensive excavations of these balls revealed some unbelievable facts. First of all, on the places where the balls were excavated, there were no other objects found that had been hand-made, such as pots or decorations. So, the people had nothing to do with rocky balls.

As the balls were grouped in forms which remind of constellation of space objects, it was thought that they were astronomic observatories – a planetarium made by some other civilization. That hypothesis was the most popular one. Visitors from interplanetary spaces chose the places with balls as their spaceport, and the stone balls were the border lines for defining their course. Many researchers think that modern equipment which existed at that time was used for the balls and that one should wait fo0r years until the guest from other planets come again at the same places.

One of the researchers of this phenomenon, Valentin Glazkov,D.Ph. in biology, says that there are incredible stories about hundreds of these balls: that there are fields of some anomalies around the balls where electric units go crazy (they operate with disturbances), clocks stop functioning, and the behavior of live organisms become abnormal. The people visiting the places with the balls feel their heart beating faster, they have sleep disturbances and their memory lessens. There are also some other sensational reports: that the balls have been adjusted to special waves for emitting messages into space, people suffering for long from illnesses are cured by longer touching the balls, some people become very happy and relieved from tension, stress and troubles that had been torturing them for a long time. When some people expressed their wishes while touching the balls, the wishes came true. Many such places became real pilgrimage places visited by crowds of people.

Our expert Mina Minic examined the stone ball in Kremna with a plummet. The result is that if one touches the ball, it causes an increase of blood circulation. For fulfillment of wishes, one should place both hands on the ball, think intensively about a wish and breathe in three times intensively through a nose.

The phenomenon of the above balls have not been explained yet. Almost all the scientists of different specialties agree that it is not known who and when made the balls, what they were used for, how they were transported to distant places, why they were grouped in regular geometric shapes and how they were scattered all over the Earth.

It is a pity that Kremna ball fell apart in the arson in the Home of Prophet, so it can be seen only in fragments. Maybe there are some curing powers in it which have not been examined enough. Intuition made some people place their hands spontaneously onto the ball, waiting for curing. Apart from all the research efforts, the Nature is secretive stubbornly. Perhaps, the words of the famous Kremna prophets can be found there and they say that people will look for medicines for their diseases everywhere, and the medicines will be all around us.

August 11,2005